Monday, February 17, 2014

Avenues of Adventure

Howdy! Welcome! I am a bit green on this whole blog-o-sphere world, but am hoping this will be a means of sharing journeys along the way.

To start, you may have guessed by the name I am a bit of a nerd about the world. I am an introverted adventurer and tend to see the world through a creative lens. With that being said, I also hope this will eventually spring into some of my dreams of making the world a better place by rethinking, recreating, redesigning, etc. 

Recently, I have started thinking about how I can make an impact in the world by looking at the things I already own and how I can mend them, or change them into something I would use or could pass along to someone who would use them. I hope to create some new things - such as Cal (the big purple puppet I will feature in my next Blog, shown below). I also hope to gather advice, pass some learning along, and stay positive in all the craziness.

Here comes the deep dark hidden secret.... I have a large storage unit, filled with years of accumulated items - some sentimental, some usable, some just plain buried. It is my task to go to the storage shed (which currently is in another state), gather everything, truck it to where I am living and sort through it. Now you may ask, if it has been in storage for years why don't you just just donate it all as you obviously don't use it. Sadly it is not that simple, as you wouldn't just give away your internal organs, as they doesn't seem to serve a visible function. That may be far reaching, but I need to have closure with some items, fall in love with some items again, and really see what I need to live on and with.

That is my hope - to be able to grasp the things of my past, embrace my present, and be giddy about my future. I know this is Step 1 in that process.

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  1. Look at you, connecting with the internet and stuff! I suspect this was a hard step for you, but I love that you are moving forward. Can't wait to see more.