Monday, March 17, 2014

Energy, The Human Powered Kind


[en-er-jee] noun
the capacity for vigorous activity

Conflict of energy is pervasive in our society. 

Do we use too much, too little? From the wrong places or wrong types? Solar, natural gas, wind, oil, or hydro? One of the things we forget to remember is the power of human energy.

Up the ante - Walking, taking the stairs, riding a bike, enjoying the fresh air, reading a book (remember those paper things we grew up on?), shopping at farmer's markets, making or repairing things rather than buying new ones are all amazing ways to reduce using natural resources. They can also be fun, get ya some of that grand Vitamin D, and help all of us learn new things.

 What else? I know there are times I forget the power of the smile. How easily human energy is created a passed along with the simple smile. My day has been made better many times just by seeing a stranger smile or laugh. I also know how easily my energy is zapped if I don't keep tabs on it.

Technology is not always against us. Embracing things that make our lives more efficient, but try to still keep in mind what we really NEED to survive. One of my favorite websites is which has all sorts of cool tech stuff and also neat ideas for eco living.

Strawberry Tree public solar charger 
Send me your ideas on energy and how you use your humanness to create more! Thanks for sharing your energy with me!

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