Monday, March 31, 2014

Gatherings as Girlfriends

What do women do when they get together? Why must they go to the bathroom in pairs? 
Why will you find them eying each other across a room? 
Women have a secret language.

Even if our language is an MSU tour!
A "girlie girl" I have never been, but this has not stopped me from having special women in my life. When I ponder on the women who have helped mold me and share my everyday fantastic adventure of a life, I think not only of the conscious conversation that we have, but the subtext we share as well. It's not just body language, most women can express themselves just in their eyes. A language we pass from generation to generation.

Besides that, I think of J with her great wit and honesty, E with her exuberance, S with her long term commitment to my insanity, and my sister who understands the quirks of this life and chooses to embrace me anyway. And all the other amazing women that I cannot all name, because there are not enough words to express how awesome you all are. I have also been blessed with many mothers, my birth mother who is creative and loving, and many whom "claim" me as their own and have been supportive beyond measure.

Yup, this is my picture and that's me and my sister.
So why the language? I think we as women (an please correct me if I am wrong), see the world as dynamic, see how each piece fits (or doesn't quite fit) into the equation, and how we can influence that balance. Not just in a verbal way either, but in how things flow, shift and fit together in all senses. Maybe it's why we tend to be more connected to things or people or get more disrupted when little things shift (at least in my experience).

Ever gotten the mom glare or teacher stare? A language all its own trying to restore balance. Googoo eyes? Glitter stare (oooh look something shiny!)? Women and how they interact with everything. When we are in groups, this is amplified (and can be sometimes overwhelming for us introverts!). Maybe that's why certain girls (myself included) who tend to have more friends who are male. Men have totally different ways they approach the world sometimes. These ways are not any less and are just as valid, but are definitely different from women's.

Spring makes me think of my girlfriends.

So all of this to say, Thank you. 
To all the women in my life. 
When can we hang out again? 
I miss our secret language.

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