Monday, March 3, 2014

Conundrum of Cold

When it looks like this outside…….

 What do you do? Were you prepared for the crazy weather? I am in a bit of dilemma. Having worked in a bunch of different arenas, I have a bit of a skewed view. On cold, icy, snowy days, I feel conflicting views. 

Here's my take on the whole thing. Well at least one part of it.

 On one hand, I dread knowing that people have risked their safety to allow me to have some of my everyday needs. Grocery stores, restaurants, convenience stores, retail establishments, pharmacies and the like, all have items that the consumer “cannot live without.” Do we rush out in a panic on that day because we realize we have no milk or our gloves have a hole in them?

The other hand wants me to appreciate the fact that someone is there waiting with hot tea, a kind smile, and wants to make sure that America doesn’t freak out. Other countries have stores that close after 5pm or are only open on the weekends. Somehow they get what they need and can handle a bit of snow like troopers (FYI- they do have super packed shops on the weekends). We forget what planning ahead is like. Could America handle not having a 24/7/365 mentality? 

My solution: Rethink the way I live each day.

Do I have enough food for a couple days if I needed to hang out? What about cabin fever – if I know I am going to be “stuck” inside, does it freak me out or is it a mini vacation? What about how I interact with people – what would happen if I thanked the people who were at places of business you attended? If I didn’t go, would they still open next time there was a storm or would they think about staying closed?

Your view counts too. 

Tell me what you think and how you feel about these types of situations. Thanks for reading on a snowy day in many parts of the country!

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  1. Weather is crazy huh? I have a neighbor who has inspired our whole cul de sac by inviting us over for a spaghetti dinner during the crazy ice storms we have here. It was great to meet and get to know all of our neighbors. I would totally love to start following her example and just invite everyone over for a very casual meal on days when people can't get out to the store because of weather ... it helps to alleviate the cabin fever too! Great blog and fun read, thanks!!!